*Research Topics [#n4476362]

We research technologies to create stable, inexpensive, safe, and secure ubiquitous networking environments in which all objects contain networking functions and Internet connectivity is available everywhere.

**Network Architecture for Sustainable Improvement of the Internet [#r2861047]
We develop technologies to flexibly modify logical design of networks and network control mechanisms using Software Defined Networking (SDN) and programmable networking technologies like P4 and XDP, and scalable middleboxes with Edge Computing, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software running on commodity servers.
 (Applications) Automatic network configuration and operation management system, cloud computing

**Network Security [#s22d4fa6]
We continuously collect attacks towards darknet (unused IP addresses), honeypots (servers that imitate legitimate services to collect attack activities), and normal servers, and develop technologies to analyze them. In addition, we use cyber threat information for the analysis. We seek to use the results of the analysis for dynamically implementing security measures.
 (Application) Attack trend understanding and prediction, Automation and optimization of security measures

**Trust and privacy protection in Internet communications [#d410be26]
We develop, apply, and deploy secure protocols using encryption, digital signature, and other technologies to guarantee mutual exchange of the minimum required information when communicating with unknown counterparties on the Internet so as to prevent the counterparty from using the information in an illicit manner.
 (Application) Single Sign-On, CAPTCHA, online games, Zero Trust Network

**On-demand power networks [#i0c0144f]
We work for applying information communication technology to on-demand power networks. We develop technology for applying Internet protocols, such as routing and resource reservation, to power networks. We also develop technology for electrical power packet and implement it.
 (Application) Smart energy management

**Algorithm design and computational complexity [#v9956e82]
We develop algorithms for combinatorial decision/optimization problems, such as graph problems and constraint satisfaction problems.  We also evaluate algorithms empirically by implementation and experiments, and theoretically from standpoint of approximation algorithms, online algorithms, and mechanism design. We also study computational complexity of problems in terms of NP-completeness, inapproximability, etc.
 (Application) Stable matching, lab assignment, time-tabling, routing, buffer management